BEACHBOY 9’0 deck

Beachboy 9’0 SUP Evolution


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Beachboy ‘SUP EVOLUTION’ Available in 9’0

Beachboy SUP Features

  • Superior strength: weight
  • 3 Piece deck pad
  • Automatic “Gortex” Air  vent
  • Glossed / matt finish
  • Easy carry ledge handle

Beachboy Dimensions

The 9’0 Cruz is 32″wide, 4’3/8 thickness, 141 litres and weighs just 10kg


Product Description

Beachboy – ‘SUP EVOLUTION’

The BEACHBOY is the evolution of traditional Stand up paddle board riding. Ideal for those wanting a shorter SUP board yet like the comfort of extra volume and stability.

The BEACHBOY is 9’0 x 32” wide featuring a refined surfboard outline and a square tail. The low volume rails and flowing rocker allow the rider to get the board on rail when needed and the single to double concave and vee in tail gives it a bit of spark.

It has a Future 5 fin set giving the rider options as a single, thruster or quad set up.

The BEACHBOY is shaped from Superior Ultra- lite high density foam blank using veneer vacuum sandwich construction with a real Bamboo deck resulting in a high end spec board suited to good level heavier surfers or women.