12’6 MCK1 Carbon deck
12’6 MCK1 Carbon bott

12’6 MCK 1


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Available in 12’6

MCK1 SUP Features

  • Brushed Carbon Construction
  • Superior strenght; weight
  • Automatic “Gortex” Air  vent
  • Matt performance finish
  • Easy carry ledge handle

Team Pro Dimensions

The 12’6 Team Pro is 26.5″ wide, 221 litres and weighs just 9.8kg

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Product Description


The 12’6 MCK1 has been specially designed for smooth water speed and ocean distance adventure. Weather you are going for a PB at the time trials or cruising form one beautiful bay to another you will love the MCK 1, IT WON’T LET YOU DOWN.

A refined displacement hull nose entry, a minimal rocker line and chinned rails give the MCK1 its speed and glide. The Elite carbon 9’ fin compliments the stealth like performance of the board.

The MCK1 is shaped from Superior Ultra- lite high density foam blank with a

Divinycell deck patch for superior durability and layered with Bi- axial carbon by vacuum sandwich construction resulting in a Ultra-lite ,durable, high end spec board built for performance.